‘PokeMatch’ merges Pokemon Go and Tinder for all kinds of fun

‘PokeMatch’ merges Pokemon Go and Tinder for all kinds of fun

If we haven’t jumped the shark on Pokemon Go yet, this should do it: there’s now a Tinder-style dating app for Pokemon enthusiasts.

PokeMatch (if you say it wrong, it’s pretty dirty) is designed to let you swipe right or left on nearby PokeNerds as you’re swiping up to toss balls at imaginary monsters.

It’s creator says it has 7,500 active users, and has created over 10,000 matches. Those matches happen when two users swipe right on each other, which then opens up a dedicated chat stream.

It sounds absolutely stupid, and it probably is — but not completely. Even if you’re not all about the Pokemon, at least you’ll have something to do on a first date.

And if you need to run away because your match is a creep, you can always say you were running after a Pokemon.

If you’re not looking for Pokemon-themed love, there’s an option to find friends as well. It uses Facebook’s login API, so be sure your profile pic is on point.

PokeMatch is available for Android or iOS, and is free to download and use.

iOS or Android on PokeMatch

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