This Pokemon Go champion actually caught ’em all

This Pokemon Go champion actually caught ’em all

Pokemon Go is all over the place, but we’ve got our champion: Nick Johnson of Brooklyn has caught ‘em all.

On Reddit, Johnson claims to have captured all 142 Pokemon available in the US. There are more, but some are secret, while others are limited to various international regions.

Johnson played up to eight hours per night, often after a full work day. The Health app on his iPhone says he has walked about eight miles per day since Pokemon Go launched.

To collect all 142, he had to capture a total of 4,629 Pokemon.


Speaking to Business Insider, Johnson says he ventured outside of Brooklyn though. To catch Porygon, he says “I may or may not have seen it on the radar and then ordered an Uber to drive me around until I found it.”

Now that’s dedication.

He also says that in New York, Battery Park and Grand Army Plaza in Central Park are the best spots to catch Pokemon.

Johnson also isn’t done playing. He says he hopes gyms improve and that Ninatic Labs, developer of Pokemon Go, can also improve the in-app battle system to “make them more fun.”

And his best advice for aspiring Pokemasters? “Buy some good walking shoes.”



I caught every Pokemon currently available in the United States on Reddit

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