Find your perfect fitness partner with this mobile app

Find your perfect fitness partner with this mobile app

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What is Sidekick?

Sidekick is a mobile app for fitness enthusiasts, matching like-minded people together based on their fitness goals and personal preferences (such as your schedule or personality type). Once the app learns about these preferences, it’s able to start matching you with compatible people both locally and virtually.

I think mutual accountability, especially in relation to fitness, is such a powerful component of success. That’s the biggest goal we want to achieve with Sidekick. We want to help connect people on that mutual level so they can achieve their fitness aspirations. To ensure a match is mutual between people, the app incorporates the same matching functionality as modern dating apps (such as Tinder) to ensure there is mutual interest in each other before a conversation can be initiated.

Where did the idea come from?

It actually came from a problem I had myself. I’m quite dedicated when it comes to working out and I wanted to find someone who could match my level of intensity and achieve the same fitness goals as me. At the time I was new in town so unfortunately it was difficult for me to find someone locally to train with, and that’s where this idea started! From there I started reaching out to several people who love to exercise to see what they thought of the idea. Most people thought it would be great to find someone like-minded with a similar schedule and work ethic as theirs.

What has the feedback been like so far?

Qualitative feedback is such a great way to evolve product development and is very important to us! We’ve been reaching out to several people who have signed up to our wait list as well as on other channels such as Reddit, and they’re really into the idea. The health and fitness space is definitely alive and well and our subscribers feel this will be a great way to meet new people (both locally and virtually) and help push them harder to mutually achieve their fitness goals. I think anyone who has exercised with someone else before can attest that it really does make you train harder when someone else is involved. Who knows – you might just meet your future partner-in-crime using Sidekick!

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