This smart closet will tell you what’s best to wear each morning

This smart closet will tell you what’s best to wear each morning

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What is Tailor?

Tailor is a smart closet that uses miniature sensors called ‘TailorTags’ which are embedded in your clothing to detect the items you own and track the garments you wear on a daily basis. Based on what you choose to wear each day, Tailor can learn from you to understand your style and how you like to dress on different occasions. The beauty of Tailor, is that it does this automatically without requiring any user input thanks to its ambient intelligence system design.

Once its artificial intelligence learns what you like to wear, Tailor can help you get dressed by offering you outfit suggestions that adjust to your preferences and are appropriate to the day’s weather. If you’re like me, and have trouble figuring out what to wear each morning, Tailor will definitely change your morning routine!

Where did the idea come from?

I’ve always been interested in envisioning new ways of interacting with technology. Recently, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of designing more “passive” types of technology that can be useful without demanding your attention, or requiring that you change your behavior. For example, there’s no doubt that our phones are great devices, but they’re only really useful if we pay attention to the notifications and sounds that come from them.

Personally, I feel like the relationship that I have with technology drains me. With Tailor, I wanted to create a product that, in the words of Mark Weiser, leaves you feeling refreshed like a walk in the park when you use it. In order to do so, you need a system that doesn’t require you to adjust to its demands, but that can instead autonomously learn from you, in order to predict and adjust to your needs. This is what I wanted to create with Tailor.

What does the future hold?

The future of Tailor is very exciting because this technology opens a lot of new opportunities. Our first goal is to establish partnerships with clothing manufacturers to embed TailorTags in their garments at the time when they are produced. This will allow customers to simply go to a store, buy a piece of clothing that is TailorTags enabled, and have Tailor recognize it automatically as the person walks into their home without requiring any effort on the part of the user.

The next big step, is to help you get rid of clothes that you don’t use anymore by enabling you to sell these directly to other users of the platform with one tap. Tailor will figure out which items you don’t like to wear anymore and will offer to sell these to users who, according to their style, Tailor thinks will love that new addition to their closet. This means happier people, with more closet space, and only clothes you love to wear!

So basically you have built Cher’s closet from ‘Clueless’?

As if.

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