Hideo Kojima teams up with Norman Reedus again for his next game

After Hideo Kojima made a name for himself designing the incredible Metal Gear series of games over roughly three decades, fans couldn’t wait to see his next release, Silent Hills, which he was set to work on with ‘The Walking Dead’ star Norman Reedus.

Sadly, the project was canceled last year, and game development company Konami unceremoniously parted ways with Kojima. But he’s far from done with the industry.

Kojima is working with Reedus once again on a new title, Death Stranding, which was shown off at Sony’s E3 press conference. As is the norm with Kojima games, the cinematic trailer looks fantastic and it’s hard to fathom what the experience will be like when it launches exclusively on PS4.

It may be too early to say so, but it seems like Konami might have made a terrible mistake letting Kojima go. Reedus thinks so too.

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