This Chrome extension records your browsing history in incognito mode

This Chrome extension records your browsing history in incognito mode

There are times when you need to browse the Web in incognito mode, so your history and cookies aren’t saved – besides looking for porn, I mean. For example, travel experts say that some booking sites often display higher prices when they know a customer has been searching for certain destinations frequently.

But it can be a bother to lose your browsing history in incognito mode, especially when you’re visiting several pages at a time. That’s where Off The Record comes in.

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This Chrome extension saves your browsing history in incognito mode for as long as you have the window open. It lets you see all the pages you’ve visited, as well as the tabs you’ve closed during your session. When you’re done browsing, it’ll wipe your incognito visits so there’s no trace of your actvity.

It’s certainly a handy tool to have: my girlfriend uses incognito mode on my computer so she doesn’t have to log out of my email and social accounts, and the extension lets her browse without losing her history.

Off The Record is free to use and is available in the Chrome Web Store. You’ll need to follow the instructions on this page to set it up so it works in incognito mode.

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