This awesome interactive music encyclopedia will geek you out

This awesome interactive music encyclopedia will geek you out

While many music enthusiasts have attempted to build a comprehensive timeline of the history and progression of music genres (like this one and that one), no platform has been as thorough as MusicMap.

Developed by Kwinten Crauwels, MusicMap is an interactive online encyclopedia that visualizes the origin and evolution of over 200 music genres in the period between 1870 and 2016.

However, what makes the website particularly useful and engaging is the variety of ways it offers users to interact with the history of music.

To trace the lineage of a specific musical style, simply click on the genre that interests you and MusicMap will immediately provide you information about its origin and a list with other similar genres and styles.

Additionally, you can also navigate through MusicMap with your mouse and use the scroll button to zoom in on the genres that you want to find out more about.

To better simplify exploring the history of genres, the website comes with a legend functionality that makes it easy to identify and compare differences and similarities between various musical styles.

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Additionally, each genre page on MusicMap features a playlist with classic songs which makes it quick and effortless to discover new artists and tracks.

So far MusicMap compiles its playlists with songs from YouTube, but Crauwels says that the website will soon support playlists from Spotify too.

Go dive into the history of music genres here.

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