Spotify just became a lot cheaper for most families

Spotify just became a lot cheaper for most families

Spotify is bringing down the price of its family subscription by a big margin.

It now costs $15 for a family of six to stream music. The feature was previously limited to a group of five people, for which it would cost $30.

The original family plan, introduced in 2014, offered a 50 percent price reduction over the $10 single user price for each additional family member, up to five people. A family of two cost $15, three cost $20, and so on.

So today’s change doesnt affect couples, but is a significant price reduction for everyone else.

The reason? Parity with Google Play Music and Apple Music, both of which offer plans identical to Spotify’s (although Google’s includes YouTube Red access).

For Spotify, the benefit is clear: now users have one less reason to try out a different service.

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