Adobe Spark is a three-app suite for easy website, video or flyer creation

Adobe Spark is a three-app suite for easy website, video or flyer creation

Today, Adobe is introducing Spark for mobile and the Web, which it hopes will help small businesses and nonprofits create great images, websites and media for their campaigns.

There are three main components to Spark: Page, Post and Video. Those tools were formerly the standalone Slate, Post and Voice; Adobe is basically branding them under Spark and giving them a bit more power under the hood.

With Page, you can create slick “magazine style” landing pages, which are hosted by Adobe. In use, it’s a bit like a pared-down Squarespace or Weebly, which is likely a better option for Adobe’s target audience.

Spark Post should be a bit more familiar to the average user. With it, you can take images and overlay text for use as a flyer for a store or social media.

Post is easy to use, but almost endlessly powerful. You can choose from several different fonts, and use your own images — or search for one under a Creative Commons license. It even knows the preferred graphic size for social mediums like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

Editing is a snap; Adobe has packed in a bunch of presets for styles, fonts and color schemes you can use. Once you’re done editing, Adobe hosts your Post, and makes a link available for sharing to social media. If you like, Posts can be downloaded.

Video is a lot like Post, but lets you overlay your voice as well. There are also some static icons you can choose from, which flow into a video with a bit of animation. If you’ve ever been wowed by a startups launch video for an app or service, Video lets you duplicate that effort for your own business or non-profit.

Spark’s suite of tools will be available today for iOS and the Web.

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