Shutterstock teams up with Microsoft to beautify PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint presentations are generally pretty boring, so it takes really good design to make them stand out. Shutterstock wants to help with its new plug in.

As you might expect, it’s basically an embedded search engine for Shutterstock images, but there are some tweaks in place to simplify the design process.


First of all, images are divided into categories, with a curated set of photos to get you started. Backgrounds are the first of these, as that’s what Shutterstock figures you’ll most likely to need from its database, though we know the Instagram gradient is really popular right now.


It also gives you a few different image sizes tailored for needs such as prints, or backgrounds, and previews the size the images will take up on your presentation. You can also insert a watermarked preview into the presentation before purchasing the image.

While you might wonder why you’d want to license an image instead of a simple Google image search, Shutterstock says PowerPoint presentations have long been one of the most popular uses of its platform for businesses. It’s an easy way or finding high quality images specific to your needs.

Even for everyday users, Shutterstock thinks it can help find professional imagery, with the added peace of mind that using the images is actually legal.

The plugin is available to download today through the Office Store.

Now Even More Options to Create Visually Stunning Presentations with Shutterstock add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint on Shutterstock Blog

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