Quip has integrated its conversations and ‘living documents’ with Slack

Quip has integrated its conversations and ‘living documents’ with Slack

Mobile-first document creation platform Quip is partnering with Slack to aide in real-time collaboration and offer ‘living documents’ in your channels.

For teams using Quip, a simple slash-command (like /quip) along with the document title brings those files directly into Slack. They work just like you’ll find with other integrations (like Google Drive), offering a preview option.

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Those chatting in Quip will also have their conversations relayed to Slack. Quip says “any @mentions, messages, and edits to your Quip docs will instantly post to Slack so you can easily follow along and jump in on the action.”

Quip is available via Slack starting today, so give it a shot if you’re looking for a end-to-end solution for document creation and collaboration. Quip may not be quite as powerful as other platforms, but having a cross-platform conversation is pretty attractive for simpler tasks.

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