Evernote for Android gets the desktop app’s best feature

Evernote for Android gets the desktop app’s best feature
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Although I’ve moved away from Evernote for my daily writing tasks because I prefer lightweight alternatives like Simplenote, it’s still the ultimate Swiss knife of note-taking tools. Today, its Android app has added image annotation, which makes it a whole lot more useful and a must-have on your phone.

Once you’ve snapped a photo or imported an image into a note, long-press on it and choose the Annotate option to mark it up with arrows, text, rectangular outlines and freehand sketches.

You can tap individual elements to drag and move them around the image, as well as pinch with two fingers to resize them. There’s also a tool that blurs the selected area of your picture.


This makes it a cinch to do things like send visual feedback to teammates or highlight items in an instructional guide. I used it to remind myself of where I’ve stashed important documents and household items, by snapping a photo of my room and then marking up drawers and shelves.

The latest version brings a raft of other handy features like a revamped document scanning mode, which automatically captures documents and saves them in a gallery for you to review.

There’s also support for strikethrough, subscript, and superscript formatting styles, as well as the ability to select multiple notes to move or tag them all at once.

All these features are available to every tier of Evernote users. Folks on the premium plan will additionally be able to automatically scan and save business cards.

Scan and annotate with the new Evernote for Android on Evernote Blog

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