This game lets you drop Drake off the CN Tower – repeatedly

This game lets you drop Drake off the CN Tower – repeatedly

Last week Canadian rapper Drake tweeted the cover art for his upcoming album VIEWS that is expected to hit the stores later this weekend.

Since then the artwork – that shows the rap star sitting on top of the CN Tower in his hometown Toronto – has been retweeted over 150,000 times. But more importantly, it has also generated an impressive amount of memes (like this, this, and especially this one) and now – a game. That’s right, a game based on Drake’s new album cover.

Drop Drake – as it’s called – is an interactive browser game that lets you use your mouse cursor to repeatedly toss the Canadian rapper off the top of the windy CN Tower, for fun. Meanwhile, Drake will make various sounds – like ‘Yeah’ or ‘Not again’ – and sing random lyrics as he is falling.

To keep it interesting, the game also lets you unlock new features – such as ‘Zero Gravity’, ‘Big Head Mode’ and a few more – as you keep throwing Drake down the tower.

The game will even save your drop counter score (so long as you don’t delete your cookies) when you close your browser, so you can always come back and throw Drake some more when you feel like it.

So if you’re too bored waiting for the rapper’s new album to come out: go drop Drake off the top of the CN Tower – over and over again. It’s quite fun.

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Drop Drake

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