CloudMagic’s ‘Sender Profile’ automates your email-based stalking

CloudMagic’s ‘Sender Profile’ automates your email-based stalking

Popular email client CloudMagic has a new tool for desktop and mobile that allows you to see information on people who email you, whether they’re in your contacts list or not.

Called Sender Profile, it uses data from LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to give you better insight on who’s texting you. If it’s someone you don’t have in your contacts list — or someone who hasn’t emailed you before — Sender Profile subtly offers the info up to you.


When you click on the option to view that person’s info at the bottom of your screen, Sender Profile opens up in a card format that shows you a profile picture and personal data on one side, and information about their company on the other.

CloudMagic says it created Sender Profile because it just plain takes too long to stalk someone using social media. The company claims it can save you a solid ten minutes of searching and sleuthing per email.

The feature isn’t a free add-on, though. If you want access to Sender Profile, CloudMagic is charging $24.99 per year. For most of us, that may not be worth it, but power users might find it’s worth the spend.

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