Giphy launches a full-fledged Android App

Giphy launches a full-fledged Android App

Giphy has had a dedicated app on iOS since October, but now the gif-finding platform is finally coming to Android too.

To be clear, Giphy did have an app on the Play Store before, Giphy for Messenger, but as its name implied, it was just a plugin for Facebook’s chat service.

This new one will allow you to search for GIFs you can share through texts, email and other chat services too – or simply look up funny images while you’re bored. And just like Giphy on the Web and iOS you can search for gifs that convey specific emotions as well.

The app is rolling out to the Play Store now. If you already use the Messenger plugin, Giphy says it will be updated to the new search app automatically by the end of the month.


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