Google invited 6 artists to create VR artwork and the results are fascinating

If you care about virtual reality at all, you’ve probably heard about VR artists doing their thing using the new medium. Now Google wants to bring you a bit closer to the art-making experience with its new Chrome experiment.

Called Virtual Art Sessions, it’s basically a set of 3D, 360-degree videos that let you watch six artists create VR artwork ranging form 3D graffiti, to light-painting, to sculpting.

Google Chrome Virtual Reality Art Sessions

The tool is powered by Google’s new V8 Javascript engine, which processes data on the 3D artwork as well as the artist’s physical form, and uses WebM video and WebGL to render the 360-content you can look around.

If you want to take a deeper look behind the scenes, make sure to watch the video above, or better yet, head on over the Virtual Art Sessions page yourself. Google’s also open sourcing the code should you want to tinker around a bit with the tech behind the experiment.

Experience virtual reality art in your browser on Google Chrome Blog

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