You can now watch Pornhub on your TV for free

You can now watch Pornhub on your TV for free

If you’re a fan of Pornhub and sick of watching it on tiny screens, today might be your lucky day. The adult entertainment site has just launched a free app for the Roku set-top box.

Roku owners can now enjoy all of Pornhub’s five million videos on TV without paying a penny and if you have a premium account already, you can sign in to get an ad-free experience.

Of course, watching porn – and doing whatever it is you do while you watch it – in your living room may be a bit risky, but at least it’s an option now.

While there’s plenty of choice, the app is lacking in functionality in comparison to the Web-based version. You can browse through the basic genres but it won’t show you related videos to what you’re watching (or tags) and you can’t filter search results.

Speaking to Gizmodo about its latest venture, Pornhub CEO Corey Price said the company is looking to launch its service on all platforms that allow adult content. Price also added that Pornhub will be launching support for Chromecast in its official Android app in the coming weeks.

Sadly, Apple TV owners won’t be seeing a Pornhub app anytime soon since the company has a strict policy against pornographic content.

So, if you’re home alone with a deadbolt on the door and a Roku set-top box, there’s no excuse for boredom anymore.

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