Teamder is just like Tinder, except it’s for creating teams at work

Teamder is just like Tinder, except it’s for creating teams at work

What would Tinder look like if you used it at work – for people you work with? Atlassian wanted to know, so it created ‘Teamder.’

Like Tinder, Teamder uses swipe-right functionality to help people choose who they may want to work with on a team. Atlasian says it will help users “self-organize not only around their workload, but around the composition of the team itself.”


Teamder is also focussed on happiness. Atlassian has been using it internally, and says its own teams are happier working with colleagues they enjoy:

Our designers used to get bogged down in discussions about line weight, icon placement, user interface layouts… you name it. But now that they are forming their own project teams, it’s nothing but smooth sailing.

All users have to do is log into the app, create a team and browse available coworkers. Swipe right to select those you want on your team, or use HipChat to get more info on them.

You can even start a chat with the potential teammate from within HipChat to ascertain their skill level or personality type.

If a teammate isn’t working out, simply swipe left in Teamder to give them the low-key boot.

Teamder on Atlassian

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