Uber wants you to stop sending it emails when you’re annoyed or lose stuff

Uber wants you to stop sending it emails when you’re annoyed or lose stuff

It’s annoying and we’ve all been there: you tap for an Uber, it arrives, you get to where you’re going and sometime later realize you left something in the car.

Or perhaps you get out and feel like the excessively long route just can’t go without comment. Or perhaps you just want to know what your rating is.

Whatever it is, Uber wants you to stop sending its customer service centers emails with incessant questions and complaints.

Instead, it’s going to be urging riders and drivers to interact with customer service via its in-app querying system that’s now going to start rolling out globally.


“Response times are down and customer satisfaction has gone up by over 10 percent. So over the next few weeks, we’ll begin directing riders and drivers to contact us directly through the Uber app instead of via email.

You can message us there, or follow up via the email notifications if that’s still your preferred method. This change will begin in the US and expand globally over the next few months.”

Uber says it’s ultimately aiming to make a product that’s so good that users will never need to contact customer service again.

For a company the size of Uber to keep its fleet of drivers and riders happy, that could be a pipe-dream that never appears. It sure would be cheap, though.

Customer service at the push of a button on Uber

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