Nintendo’s first mobile game will launch in the US and Europe on March 31

Nintendo’s first mobile game will launch in the US and Europe on March 31

Nintendo has confirmed that its first smartphone game, Miitomo, will be available in the US and Europe from March 31 following its initial release in Japan.

The game will be available to download on iOS and Android and users can import their Wii U and 3DS Miis using a special QR code.

The app is designed to be a social go-between that can help users learn more about their friends, and perhaps themselves.

Once you’ve created your Mii, you get asked various questions about yourself – some lighthearted and some a little more serious – and your responses are then shared with your friends on the app.

Users can react and comment on each other’s questions and answers, and in doing so gather coins to buy new items in the store. The more coins you have, the more you can customize your Mii, which is what Nintendo is using as its hook.

As well as customizing your Mii, you can chat and snap selfies with your friends in the app and share them on social media as well. The ‘game’ is actually a lot like a Second Life-style world for the Miis that Nintendo fans already have.

The company also launches its rewards scheme for players, My Nintendo, on March 31. Nintendo fans will be rewarded for their use of digital games and apps like Miitomo with platinum and gold points. These can then be used to redeem games, in-app purchases, coupons or discounts in the eShop.

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