Podcat is IMDb for tracking your favorite podcast hosts

Podcat is IMDb for tracking your favorite podcast hosts
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IMDb is great if you want to quickly find out who the stars are in your favorite movies or TV shows, but there’s been a big gap in another entertainment area: podcasts.

Last year we saw Makerbase pop up, which is like IMDb for people who make things in tech, but now we’ve got Podcat for tracking the hosts of podcasts, their guests and other people who appears across different shows.

Podcat automatically tracks podcasts made available on iTunes and breaks down who appeared on each episode. You can click through to a host’s page and see everywhere they’ve shown up – which is actually sometimes quite surprising.

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Show pages track how many episodes have been released, how many gigabytes of space they consume and the overall hours of audio since the show started.

While Podcat is basic right now, it’s further confirmation of the explosion in popularity we’re seeing for podcasts that was lead by shows like Serial and This American Life.

It’s great to see the podcast ecosystem flourishing as third-party platforms such as Overcast have come into their own and both Soundcloud and Google have embraced the format.


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