Chrome on Android will finally let you pause and cancel downloads

Chrome on Android will finally let you pause and cancel downloads
Credit: Ben Woods/TNW

For what seems like a very simple option, it sure has taken a long time for the ability to pause and resume downloads to arrive for Android device owners, and even then, it’s only if you’re using Chrome.

As noted by Android Police, the built-in download manager in Android doesn’t handle downloads made via Chrome, and the latest Dev release (Chrome 50) lets you pause and cancel downloads for the first time.

So, if you’re trying to download that embedded PDF, or .MP3 and need to pause it for any reason, now you can.


To use the feature right now, you’ll need to be happy playing about with the somewhat buggy Chrome Dev build and your handset needs to be running Marshmallow or newer.

If you’ve already downloaded the Android N OS to test out, it also works there too but different file types are handled by different download mechanisms by default there, so don’t be confused if different download dialogue boxes open up.

If you’re not comfortable with a slightly more crashy-flavored browser than normal, you’ll just have to wait until it’s rolled out as part of the stable build.


Of course, while Chrome is an incredibly popular browser, Opera users on Android have already been able to do this since 2014.

➤ Chrome Dev [Android via Android Police]

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