Imgur revamps iOS and Android apps for all you millennial memehounds

Imgur revamps iOS and Android apps for all you millennial memehounds

In an attempt to keep up with its mobile-ready audience, image platform and meme capital of the Internet Imgur revamped apps today for both iOS and Android as well as a new iPad experience.

The newly updated apps for iOS take advantage of both 3D Touch and Spotlight search, making it easier to find and search for those great cat pictures you’re hankering for. The Android version follows all the hallmarks of Material Design, including hamburger menus and recognizable icons. Both offer a landscape mode and new gestures to help mobile users interact easily with Imgur’s content.


The updates come as the company recognizes the growing presence of its users on mobile. According to a spokesperson for the company, users now view more content on mobile than via browser, at a rate of 1 billion posts per week. More than 50 percent of actions, including comments, also happen on mobile.

Additionally, users who already have Imgur’s mobile app open it roughly three times per day and spend a total of four hours per week there.

It’s not so surprising that Imgur is riding a mobile wave common to startups, but extended interaction is probably a sign of its popularity with the young, hip kids.

You can download Imgur via the App Store or Google Play.

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