Get a neat video montage of your top Instagram posts every month with 30DaysPics

Get a neat video montage of your top Instagram posts every month with 30DaysPics

Remember everyone’s #2015BestNine collages on Instagram? Well, the company behind it has created a new version called 30DaysPics that will send you a video of your top Instagram posts at the end of each month.

All you need to do to get started is fill in your Instagram username and email while 30DaysPics pulls together your most popular pictures from the previous month and creates a short 10-second video montage.

The video can then easily be shared to Facebook or Twitter in one click. Unfortunately, thanks to Instagram’s closed API, it’s a little tricker to share your video there. You’ll need to email it to yourself, save to your phone and then upload like you would any video.

When I tried this out, the email took almost ten minutes to come through.


At the moment, you can only get a video of the previous month, but according to its creators, you’ll soon be able to select what month or timeframe you’d like a montage from.

There are plenty of apps out there, like Flipagram, that let you create a video montage from Instagram but the simplistic and automatic nature of what 30DaysPics is offering is what makes it so appealing.

Once you’ve made your first video, you’ll automatically receive your video every month, which could make for a nice surprise if you’re a big Instagram user.

➤ 30DaysPics [via Product Hunt]

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