Telegram now lets you edit those regrettable late-night messages

Telegram now lets you edit those regrettable late-night messages

Telegram has just sailed past 100 million monthly active users and, aside from its well-known encryption creds, that might be because it’s genuinely helping the people who organize groups on its chat app.

Its latest update offers silent messages for channel admins to use if they need to post a channel update, but don’t want to wake all of their subscribers up. You can also now enable an optional public signature for admin posts if you need to stamp authority on an otherwise wild west channel.

Telegram’s also updated its post-sharing features, whether that’s from a specific channel you follow, where you can now easily share content with others inside Telegram and the outside world, or those from an automated Telegram bot.

Just like the one Forbes has built to send out tailored, automated news posts.

Forbes Bot
Credit: Telegram

All of these updates show much more attention to detail than the comparable messaging platforms that I use, at least.

And if you’re in a Supergroup, a feature unveiled late last year to accommodate up to 1,000 people, or you’re just subscribed to a channel, you can now edit any messages you send. Tap on Android, double tap on iOS.

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