iTerm 3’s beta takes your Mac’s terminal to the next level

iTerm 3’s beta takes your Mac’s terminal to the next level

Developers spend a lot of time in the terminal, so making sure they have the right setup is important. iTerm2, one of the most popular terminal apps for Mac, has released a beta of a huge upcoming upgrade with a number of interesting features.

It’s now featuring shell integration, so you’re able to use iTerm like a fully-fledged desktop app. For example, you can now get desktop notifications, drag and drop files for upload and more.

Another feature, profile switching, allows you to switch the settings of the terminal when you change context. This is useful for when you SSH somewhere and you want to be made aware visually that you’re not on your own machine, so the terminal can change the font to red, for example, once connected.

Full imgcat integration also means you’re able to view images in iTerm, which is a fairly unique feature. There’s plenty of use cases for this; random GIFs displaying inline when a command fails or a motivation image each time you open the terminal.

A number of other notable changes are coming, including persistent badges, a built-in password manager, undo close and session restoration so you can pick up where you left off.

iTerm is one of the best terminal apps for Mac, so if you’re not using it already it’s worth checking out.

iTerm 2 Beta 3

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