On demand last-minute blowout service Vive comes to iOS

On demand last-minute blowout service Vive comes to iOS

YC Company Vive has been spending the months since it graduated from the noted accelerator program scaling and building its on-demand flat-fee mobile booking service for salon blow-outs in New York. Now, the company announces today that its customers can now use the company’s brand new iOS app.

“Booking a blowout is commonplace after your daily workout, before work, before a hot date, or before a girl’s night out,” founder Alanna Gregory said in a blog post. “We want to build upon that, and take things to the next level.”

For those who are familiar with fitness booking apps like ClassPass, the mobile app appears very familiar: users can see partner salons from a map view and then schedule booking windows. The app itself actually matches users with partner salons, so that element of choice (and friction) has been stripped away. Subscribers can pay monthly for the number of blow-outs they use per month, including $175 for unlimited blowouts in the city.


That’s not a bad deal when you consider one a la carte blow-out in NYC can run about $40.

Vive is only offered in New York City, but that will likely change soon as the company also announced a $2.3 million investment led by Deep Fork Capital and supported by Y Combinator, Crunchfund, Ludlow Ventures, Vayner RSE, Maveron, Expansion Venture Capital, T5 Capital, Kosinski Ventures, Haystack Fund, and angel investors Pascal Levy-Garboua, Paul Buchheit and Scooter Braun’s SB Projects. So, don’t be so surprised if the app makes its way to your city next.

Vive’s iOS app is available for free on iTunes.


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