Pyro for iOS uses your favorite tunes to DJ your parties

Pyro for iOS uses your favorite tunes to DJ your parties

Expecting company this evening? Nothing helps create ambiance better than a well mixed playlist. If you’ve got the tunes, Pyro’s got the chops to expertly DJ your collection through the night.

The free iOS app from music software maker Serato lets you line up tracks stored on your device or your Spotify Premium account and smoothly transitions from one to the next.

Unlike other apps that only pull songs from the same genre or tags from streaming services, Pyro works with the music you enjoy — making for a truly personalized mix.

Once you’ve loaded up a bunch of tracks, you can easily reorder them based on what you want to hear next or by lining up songs with similar tempos.

The app does a great job of mixing tracks, with clever transition effects and an algorithm that automatically determines the perfect moment to launch from one song to the next.

You can also manually skip tracks, and Pyro will make sure it doesn’t sound awkward.

I listen to a variety of genres at once and enjoy having some control over what tunes play at my place, so it’s nice that Pyro can seamlessly go from Mutemath to Kelela to Slum Sociable without skipping a beat.

So the next time you want to fire up your favorite tunes, let Pyro handle your playlist.

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