Get every great Windows 3.1 game right in your browser

Get every great Windows 3.1 game right in your browser’s project to keep copies of software around long after they’re abandoned has already dug up some wonderful malware to gawk at, but a new collection shows off Windows 3.1 apps.

The Windows 3.x showcase is a collection of games and apps designed for the long-abandoned operating system that you can play directly in your browser without the need for any plugins.

This collection is my childhood reincarnated, with everything from Gopher-It to Brickbuster and even the quintessential classic SkiFree.

I played lots of these games in the early 90’s as I discovered computers for the first time, and the nostalgia factor of firing them up again as they were meant to be enjoyed is amazing.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 12.44.49 PM

There’s even the promotional floppy disk that Microsoft distributed to tout Windows 95 that you can try. The app shows off the capabilities of the operating system months before it was released.

For a blast for the past, don’t miss this collection.

Windows 3.x collection []

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