Victories for iOS helps you conquer your to-do list

Victories for iOS helps you conquer your to-do list
Credit: Panagiotis Efthymiou / Dribbble

It’s almost never easy to check off every item on your to-do list each day, but gamifying it can help, and Victories is a great way to get started.

The free iOS app lets you select and name a pixel art character to represent you and engage in ‘battles’, or tasks. If you complete one, you can swipe right to indicate a win or surrender if you’d rather leave it off your list for the time being. You can also add notes to each item.

As you advance through battles, your character levels up and Victories shows you detailed stats about how it long it takes to finish a task and what percent of battles you win.

The interface doesn’t require you to learn anything new to get started. And since it tracks the amount of time you take on each task, Victories subtly encourages you to get down to work as quickly as possible. I found that to be more useful than in other apps that only let you list to-dos and tackle them on your own time.

Victories isn’t the first gamified to-do manager — there’s also Habitica and Quest. But this app makes it a cinch to enter tasks and check them off in its fuss-free interface, and it’s free.

➤ Victories [iOS via Lifehacker]

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