The Malware Museum is an epic collection of old-school viruses

The Malware Museum is an epic collection of old-school viruses

MS-DOS viruses were so much cooler than the ones we see now and you can finally re-live what it was like to lose everything in the 90’s all over again.

The Malware Collection is a set of interesting viruses that affected MS-DOS in the 1990’s that you can actually use in your browser.

Many of those old-school viruses were incredibly devastating, but did so in a far more impressive manner showing messages and sometimes even playing music as they slowly destroyed your computer — it’s basically an art form.


The destructive parts of the malware has been removed, but it’s pretty interesting to see how viruses of the past were created and what they actually did to computers, rather than just sheer destruction.

Back then there was no antivirus protection and when you got a piece of malware on your machine it was essentially devastating, forcing you to reinstall MS-DOS from scratch.

Viruses have definitely gotten far more dangerous in modern times, but they’re nowhere near as cool as these ones were.

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