Here’s how to see your Snapchat posts after they’ve disappeared

Here’s how to see your Snapchat posts after they’ve disappeared
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Snapchat is known for its ephemerality and sure, you can save your posts if you remember, but how about getting a monthly recap of all of your posts in one place?

That’s exactly what Snap Memories is offering its users.

All you have to do is sign up with your email address and username and then add ‘mysnapchatmemories0‘ on the app. You’ll then receive a monthly email with a link to watch back over all of your snaps.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 17.57.10
Example of what the email from Snap Memories will look like.

You might notice the ‘Peek’ logo in the corner of the video. Peek is another app that was created by the same people who make Snap Memories and is about Snapchat Discovery.

It allows you to view popular users’ Snapchat posts by category, making it easier to find people who might be of interest to you.

It’s mentioned a couple of times on the Snap Memories website but according to its creators, there is no cross-over between the two apps and your posts from Snap Memories will not suddenly appear on Peek as well.

The premise of Snap Memories is simple but effective since it’s so easy to forget to save a snap before sending it, and memory on your phone isn’t always something that’s going spare when you want to save some videos.

Snap Memories offers an element of surprise too where you can look back at your entire month on Snapchat through one link, which could be pretty entertaining.

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