Even Adobe is dropping Flash from its own products

Even Adobe is dropping Flash from its own products
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It’s pretty obvious Adobe Flash is dying, but the company has avoided ever publicly saying as much.

Today, however, it’s dropping Adobe Flash from one of its own products, Adobe Connect, signalling even the company itself moving away from the beleaguered product.

Adobe Connect is a Web conferencing offering in the same vein as GoToMeeting, allowing companies to have calls with up to 1,000 participants. Until now, it required Adobe Flash to be installed, but now the company is embracing HTML5 so you can go plugin free.

The death of Flash has been long and slow, but it’s definitely happening as third-parties and Adobe itself integrate it into fewer products. Only a few major places, like Hulu, are holdouts — the rest of the time I keep the plugin disabled.

Flash Free [Adobe Connect]

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