OneGo gives you unlimited US flights for a monthly fee

OneGo gives you unlimited US flights for a monthly fee
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Just when you thought we had seen the end of ‘Netflix for…’ launches, OneGo reveals its subscription service for unlimited flights.

Yes, OneGo allows users to pay a monthly fee for unlimited flights within the US.

It’s not cheap, though. To sign up you’ll need to pay a $495 once-off registration fee and monthly subscriptions start at $1,500 for West coast flights.

An East coast registration will set you back $2,300 per month, or $1,950 for Central America. If you want the luxury of being able to fly anywhere you like in the US, you’ll need to cough up $2,950 per month.

While these might sound like ludicrous prices for some, it’s aimed at attracting business travellers and has add-ons and perks to suit.

At the moment, users can have four active bookings at once and all trips must be booked at least seven days in advance. OneGo says it will be upping its max number of bookings to eight in the near future and allowing the booking of last minute travel as well.

Your baggage fees and upgrades aren’t automatically included in the base package but you can upgrade your account for an additional $750 per month to avail of these perks.

OneGo’s aim is to attract enough business by offering last-minute fares, that it can then in-turn offer significant discounts to its users after some time. It has partnered with Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and Virgin America for launch and will fly to 76 US airports.

The business model isn’t revolutionary. It’s the same as a gym membership and only really benefits OneGo is people actually don’t spend the full amount of their subscription on flights every month.

Although, OneGo CEO doesn’t really echo that sentiment, saying:

When you take price out of the equation, and replace it with a flat monthly fee, you gain the freedom to fly as much as you need for your business without having to consider anything other than your flight’s arrival and departure times.

He makes a good point. If I had unlimited flights, I would probably take full advantage of it since tech journalism is a job that can be done remotely anyway. But, sadly, as is so often the case in travel, that convenience isn’t going to be cheap.

OneGo’s iOS app will be available from March 1, but people can sign up to become “Founding Flyers” now to get early access to the service. An Android app and Web platform are also in the works but no release date has been announced just yet.

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