Malwarebytes’ latest tool protects against ransomware

Malwarebytes’ latest tool protects against ransomware
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A new tool from Malwarebytes hopes to help protect PC users against ransomware, a type of attack which encrypts your files and holds them hostage until you pay to retrieve them.

This kind of attack has become more popular in recent years, with even entire police departments falling victim and having to pay to get their documents back.

The new software, which is still in beta, is able to detect and block a number of ransomware types, including the most dangerous, CryptoWall4.


According to a post announcing the tool, the beta was able to detect every ransomware variant thrown at it and the team is “extremely satisfied” with its results so far.

If Malwarebytes is able to help protect users against what can be one of the most devastating types of attack, it’s great progress. Since it’s currently only in preview form, it’s free to use — though the company would like your feedback.

Malwarebytes Anti-ransomware

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