Uber takes $7.6 million hit to stop its service being suspended in California

Uber takes $7.6 million hit to stop its service being suspended in California
Credit: Uber

You’d think after so much controversy around the legals of its taxi app, Uber would want to be on top of any admin tasks it has hanging over its head.

But Uber has just agreed to pay a whopping $7.6m fine in California for failing to report driver data, otherwise facing a 30-day suspension of its service.

Under Californian law developed over the course of the last few years, ridesharing services must report accessibility of their vehicles, locations of pickups and dropoffs, any rides that are turned down, plus road safety figures for their drivers.

The data was initially requested by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in September 2013, but Uber failed to fully comply with this requirement until August 2015.

Uber appealed an initial fine of $7.3 million in August but after a review of the case, the CPUC actually decided to up the figure for a delay in compliance.

Uber says it will yet again appeal the decision, but has agreed to pay the fine to avoid having its license suspended.

Rival Lyft complied fully with the requirements of the California Public Utilities Commission, according to the LA Times.

Uber fined $7.6 million by California utilities commission [LA Times via Engadget]

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