This new app could put an end to checkouts at the supermarket

This new app could put an end to checkouts at the supermarket
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How much do you shudder when you hear the words ‘unexpected item in bagging area?’

It has happened to everyone. You think the self-checkout will be much quicker than queuing up at the cash register but no, your till has other ideas and becomes overly sensitive about what’s in the bagging area (or not) and decides to alert the whole shop.

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Well self-service specialists Diebold have come up with what they think is a solution to supermarket queues and annoying self-checkouts – a mobile wallet app that you can use to scan your items as you shop.

When you finish, you would use the app to make the final payment (with your saved details) and tap to get your receipt.

This alleviates the need to have your items checked out elsewhere and completely eradicates queues. However, it also makes it a lot easier for shoppers to leave certain items off the bill, so that is something the stores and Diebold will need to discuss.

It’s still in the concept phase but Diebold says it will be showcasing how it works at the National Retail Federation’s “BIG” show in New York, which gets underway tomorrow, January 16.

➤ Diebold Unveils Contactless Self-Checkout Concept For Retail Market [Diebold via Engadget]

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