Turn Outlook calendar meetings into Skype calls with latest iOS update


Microsoft has released a small but powerful shortcut in the latest update to its Outlook iOS app, it’s now more deeply integrated with Skype so you can turn events scheduled in your calendar into live, virtual meetings.

The app now has a ‘Skype Meeting’ switch you can turn on when creating or editing an event so that when the meeting is about to start, you can just tap to join the relevant call via Skype.

The app also now offers a three-day calendar view, accessed by tapping the top right corner of the calendar screen.

This iOS app is pretty well-regarded in the world, not least because many users will be stuck using Outlook for work, whether willingly or not.

But, given that both Outlook and Skype are Microsoft products, it shouldn’t take more than a short walk around the office to make updates like these happen.

Microsoft Outlook [iOS via Engadget]

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