Flipboard now allows sharing through Facebook Messenger

Flipboard now allows sharing through Facebook Messenger

Flipboard‘s latest update for Android and iOS has added Facebook Messenger integration, allowing you to easily share articles with your friends in the chat app.

Using the share sheet in the Flipboard app, you can now send a link directly to someone on Messenger.

When you share the article this way, the recipient gets a richer preview of the article than they would if you just pasted the URL into a message.


If the recipient clicks ‘Open’ on the article in Messenger, they will be redirected to open it in Flipboard, which may be a hindrance if they don’t already have the app. In that case, they will be prompted to download it.

Flipboard has also added a new button that will show on articles opened from Messenger and allow people to easily navigate back to their friend’s message to discuss the article or share another story with them.

➤ Flipboard and Facebook Messenger Look Better Together [Flipboard]

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