Pebble is updating its original smartwatch with its new UI and ‘unlimited’ apps

Pebble is updating its original smartwatch with its new UI and ‘unlimited’ apps

The Pebble Time’s smartwatch UI is one of the best around, featuring slick animations and a nifty timeline feature to let you easily see past notifications or upcoming events.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t compatible with the company’s original smartwatch upon launch, but it looks like that’s about to change. The company today announced firmware 3.8 of its OS is coming to the Pebble Classic, which was the first popular smartwatch, and which a lot of people still use.

Aside from the new interface, Pebble’s also managed to remove the 8 simultaneous apps limitation, which is pretty impressive given the Classic uses less powerful hardware. Of course, you won’y be able to turn the Classic’s monochrome screen into color, and you’ll miss out on voice functionality.

Android users can give the new functionality a try now by joining a beta program before the wide release later this month. Pebble says Apple limits what they can do with their beta program, but the firmware will be available to iOS users as well when it hits the public.

➤  Timeline for Classic Pebbles Is Coming! Accepting Android Beta Testers Now [Pebble Blog]

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