Gametime launches last-minute ticket sales for concerts

Gametime launches last-minute ticket sales for concerts

Last-minute ticket app Gametime has made its name on providing seats to your favorite, um, games. But today, in select cities, the company will finally take a step outside the sports fandom to enter the world of concert ticketing sales.

“You can purchase the day of the event, past the event start time — right before and during the event,” Gametime CEO Brad Griffith told TNW. “Sometimes the headliner doesn’t come on until many hours after the concert starts, we want to be there for the last-minute fans.”

Launched today in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Seattle, Gametime’s concert ticketing feature works very similarly to its current process for finding last-minute sports tickets. Users can scroll through events nearby in Gametime’s mobile app, and then tap through different ticket levels to find the right seat. Gametime users can store their credit card within the app to make last minute purchases easily.


And that’s something Gametime’s current users do a lot of. Griffith said that about 54 percent of ticket sales occur day-of, ostensibly even after games have started to get steep discounts. The same method could apply to concert tickets: savvy users could snap up tickets to their favorite concerts after they’ve started, potentially for a lower price.

But for those who prefer a traditional outlet, tickets to shows will appear on Gametime up to months in advance.

The update is live now and available for both iOS and Android.


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