StumbleUpon is shuttering its video discovery service 5by

StumbleUpon is shuttering its video discovery service 5by

5by, the video discovery service acquired by StumbleUpon in 2013, has closed down.

Founded by Greg Isenberg, 5by recommended videos to suit users’ moods and interests. It was available on the Web as well as on Android and iOS.

StumbleUpon notified users it was shuttering the service on Friday in an email, but didn’t explain the reason behind the move.

If you miss being able to watch videos without searching for them, hop over to StumbleUpon’s site, click the categories button (labeled and set to ‘All Interests’ by default) and select ‘Videos’.

When fans asked Isenberg on Twitter what he was focusing on next, he pointed them to However, he’s staying mum about what the site is all about, and its colorful landing page doesn’t include a description just yet.

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➤ Greg Isenberg [Twitter via WebProNews]

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