Optimize your App Store listing for free with this handy tool

Optimize your App Store listing for free with this handy tool

Creating an iOS app is hard work. Not only do you have to code it to perfection, you also have to package it in a way that meets Apple’s exacting standards for the App Store and appeal to users at large.

To help give your app its best shot at firing up the charts after it has launched, Mobile App Grader uses Apple’s App Store data to analyze its market reach, preview quality and customer satisfaction. It then shows you your results in comparison to other similar popular apps.

The reach of your app is judged by how wide of an appeal it has. Mobile App Grader looks at the app’s file size, number of supported devices and minimum software requirements, and then compares them with the best performing apps in the same category.

The service also looks at your app’s name, description and its length, use of keywords, how searchable it is and the visual impact of the screenshots.

To help you get better traction, Mobile App Grader will suggest ways to bump up your app’s rating. This could mean prompting more of your users for ratings or or requesting feedback from the most frequent users of your app.

So if you’ve just launched your iOS app and are wondering how to get more people to try it, Mobile App Grader’s suggestions could certainly come in handy.

Or, if like me you haven’t created an app, you can actually use Mobile App Grader to search virtually any app you want and see how it’s performing.

➤ Mobile App Grader [via Product Hunt]

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