Facebook’s making it easier to give to charity, but you give up your credit card details

Facebook’s making it easier to give to charity, but you give up your credit card details

Perhaps in a bid to make amends for the criticism it received around choosing Safety Check situations, Facebook has announced that it’s testing new ways to raise and give money to good causes.

Nonprofits will soon be able to set up dedicated Fundraisers so people can find out about their latest campaign and quickly handover their cash.

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Facebook Fundraiser

As well as placing a donation button on the Fundraiser, all posts shared from the page will also include one, ensuring a flood of guilt in your News Feed the next time something terrible happens.

Before rolling out across the US, Facebook is testing the platform with its 37 partner nonprofits, including American Cancer Society, American Red Cross and Oxfam America.

Facebook will not make a profit on the tools, according to a spokesperson, but they will charge charities to use the platform “sometime next year”, once it’s out of beta.

Without wanting to be too cynical, this is a great way to get people signed up for Facebook Payments if they aren’t already.

Facebook Fundraiser payments

After filling out the single-page form to make your donation, Facebook says it will store your card details for future use.

You can of course remove your card details manually from Facebook after, that appears to be unless you’re one of the 655m people who don’t or can’t access the site from a computer.

Facebook mobile payments

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