SwiftKey gets those new emoji from iOS 9.1

SwiftKey gets those new emoji from iOS 9.1
Credit: SwiftKey

Update: Okay, there was some confused/confusing communication over the details of this update. The new version gets the iOS 9.1 emoji support, but the emoji prediction was actually in place in the previous version. Original post below to keep my face shining bright red.


SwiftKey has developed a reputation as a solid, reliable predictive language keyboard on Android and iOS. Now it’s that little bit better for those who prefer their communication pictorial.

The new version of SwiftKey’s iOS keyboard today not only brings support for the new emoji introduced in iOS 9.1, it also learns which emoji you tend to use in particular sentence structures and will predict the right emoji for the situation. Android folks? Well, you’ve already got that ability, but I know more than a few people who will welcome this development on their iPhones and iPads.

It’s not quite as smart as the prediction algorithms used by SwiftKey Alpha, but it should regularly save you several keystrokes if you’re an emoji obsessive.

➤ SwiftKey [iOS / Android]

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