Dataminr Context will help group tweets for journalists seeking breaking news

Dataminr Context will help group tweets for journalists seeking breaking news

Dataminr, the Twitter-approved social listening tool designed to surface relevant content based on keywords, locations, and timeliness, has now introduced a new tool to help journalists find news.

Announced via email to subscribers, the new feature, Dataminr Context, was described as a natural evolution of Dataminr’s alert system:

While Dataminr’s alerts provide the earliest “tip” for a story, a group of Tweets often can be the most powerful way to tell a story. This new integration with Twitter will truly bring the most powerful and engaging Tweets to enhance stories even more.

Context drops groupings of tweets about a certain story or event directly into a journalist’s feed, promising rich photos and videos. According to Dataminr, the users of the feature will only see relevant content, already tailored based on individual settings.

Dataminr Context in action

From there, journalists can directly curate, augment or edit the grouping to create an embedded tweet.

Dataminr has promised that Context will work within Tweetdeck, where the platform has already set up shop, and that it will continue to expand on curation and reporting tools:

It has been a pleasure integrating more deeply with Twitter and collaborating with media organizations around the world to help journalists discover the best of Twitter and we look forward to expanding these efforts next year.

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