These secret Giphy commands for Slack will change the way you GIF

These secret Giphy commands for Slack will change the way you GIF

Did you know there’s a few secret Giphy commands you can use in Slack to get better reaction GIFs? Neither did I, until today when a friend that works at Slack tweeted about it.

If you’re already using Giphy for Slack, you can use the Magic 8 Ball command to help your team make decisions with a roll of the dice. Like this:

/giphy #magic8ball Should we go to lunch?

/giphy #magic8ball command
And you’ll get a reaction GIF with your answer, yes, no, or shrug. It’s a fun and addictive way to get your destiny laid out for you in a GIF.

There’s a #mashup command that smashes two GIFs together to create a frankengif, like so:

/giphy #mashup Taylor Swift

/giphy #mashup command

There’s even an #echo command for getting whatever you want converted from text into GIF within seconds:

/giphy #echo lol nope

/giphy #echo command

And finally, US readers need to know about the weather command. You can get a GIF of the current weather conditions, straight from Giphy by stabbing in your zipcode:

/giphy weather 90210

/giphy weather command

Found any other cool secret Giphy commands? Let us know in the comments!

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