PAUSE for iOS promises to soothe your mind and relieve stress

PAUSE for iOS promises to soothe your mind and relieve stress

Stress is hard to avoid in today’s world and we are often guilty of turning to our phones, laptops and tablets as a distraction, which isn’t always the healthiest option.

Well, building on that concept, PAUSE is a new iOS app designed to help you combat stress or anxiety and regain your focus.

Combining design, technology and mindfulness, the app’s process starts by playing ambient sounds and then has you place your fingertip on the screen to create a small shape resembling a colorful screen bleed, which grows and pulsates as you move it continuously across the screen, listening to the evolving soundscape at the same time, even with your eyes closed.


Peng Cheng, the app’s founder, says the idea came about when his own debilitating battle with depression and anxiety escalated to the point that he could no longer work and he had the realization that he had to contribute to his own healing process.

All too easily, we tend to get hung up on all of the things we have to get done in the future, instead of focusing on the present and being in the moment. Meditation is one process that encourages people to be present and there are elements of that included in the app, which is what triggers the brain to go into a calm resting state.

PAUSE was tested throughout its developmental stages and has shown to have a calming effect on brain activity, soothing the active mind and lowering the mental workload, according to its creator.

Instead of worrying about your meeting in two hours or all of the things you have to get done after work in the evening, it invites your subconscious to the here and now. If you lose focus while using the app and stop moving your finger, both the sounds and visuals will fade away.

Cheng says:

Human attention has become a scarce commodity in the age of constant connectivity and stimulations provided by modern technology. The inner skill of paying attention at will is one of the most fundamental elements for balanced living in the age of distractions. PAUSE is the result of rethinking touch on a smartphone and we believe we have created a simple and effective tool which will help many people take control of attention and energy anytime, anywhere.

I am a worrier, always have been, always will be. I was skeptical about PAUSE’s claims of being able to help soothe my mind, especially since I am in the middle of a stressful house move. But it has. After briefly using PAUSE a couple of times, I can definitely attest to its soothing powers and am intrigued to see how it helps me in the long term (expect a follow-up on my progress).

So if you are the type of person who can get bogged down by worries or anxiety, it’s worth checking out PAUSE and getting into the habit of effectively releasing your stress.


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