It’s now easier to post text GIFs on Slack

It’s now easier to post text GIFs on Slack

GIFs are a wonderful way of expressing yourself on the Web, but sometimes you don’t want a full blown clip. Thankfully, posting animated text GIFs on Slack just got a lot easier.

An update to the Giphy plugin allows you to post text-based GIFs -created by fittingly named artist, Animated Text – by adding ‘#text’ before your search terms. The full sequence would look like this:

/giphy #text pizza

Which pulled up this insightful image that looks like it belongs in the Geocities era:

pizza giphy

The use of the hashtag modifier could also indicate that we’ll be able to find more kinds of specific GIFs on Slack in the future, such as #animals or #movieclips.

Anything to share better GIFs is welcome in our book.

Giphy [Twitter]

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