This app will tell you what time of the day you’re most productive

This app will tell you what time of the day you’re most productive

Moo-Q is a free iOS app that has been created by a team of UK psychologists at Hungry Mind Lab to help you discover what time of the day they are most productive and how your mood can impact your behaviour and workflow.

It works by determining how positive or negative you’re feeling through a series of adjustable sliders. Based on that, you are presented with some tests on your speed and memory, which aren’t as easy as they first seem.


When I first used the app, the tests started off simple with basic math and memory tests, however, these progressed quickly to more complex equations and sequences, with less time to complete.


You have to complete the cycle five times for the app to have enough data to create your personal chart, which shows how your mood and brainpower correlate over specific times and days.

It’s no secret that most of us are at our best after a good sleep but I’ve found that Moo-Q has helped me notice the sequences in my moods and sleep patterns so I am much more aware.

Now all it has to do is figure out an alternative solution to coffee for the days I’m not on top of my game.

The app is about more than you getting to know yourself though; all of your data (if you give your consent) will be used by the Hungry Lab team’s ongoing research into cognitive behavior at Goldsmiths University in London.

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